Rome In Reverse premieres new song titled ‘Oracolo’

Rome In Reverse a.k.a. Antonella Pacifico is an avant-garde dance DJ, who has just had her latest single ‘Oracolo’ premiered via  TMRW Magazine on the 7th of February 2020. The track was written and produced by Antonella, and the mix and mastering was executed by Sun Glitters.

Antonella a self-taught musician, grew up in a music orientated family. She would listen to artists like  Tears for fears, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Airplane, Emerson Lake & Palmer. She spent a few of her formative years in Italy before relocating to Denmark. Before her big move, the artist was a part of a grunge and post-rock ensemble. She realized that she wanted to be focused on her individual project instead.

Rome In Reverse’s soundscapes are surreal as they transport you to a relaxed and escapist frame of mind. The artist elaborates on her latest single “Loops are my passion, especially the ones I have created with my voice. I feel that this track ‘Oracolo’ is a new standard of defining my sound, a ray of light which runs through me bouncing on other people and fading into the most beautiful place in the world.”

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