Hologramme, Camden Cox, James Carter, Lost Frequencies cropped
Hologramme, Camden Cox, James Carter, Lost Frequencies cropped

Producer Hologramme releases brand-new song ‘Candide’

Image credit: Jean-François Sauvé

Intoxicating producer Hologramme shows his versatility by releasing his brand-new single ‘Candide’ under the label Société Holographique de Montréal. He has just performed at Timeless Festival in South Africa and received support from EDM.com, When We Dip, Earmilk, URBANIA, and 6AM Group among others.  

Stream / Download: Hologramme – ‘Candide’

Hologramme unleashes a driving bassline accompanied by the chest-grabbing kick which ties in well with the vocal sample, making the whole song flow in harmony. The song boasts Hologramme’s incredible talent by transitioning from his driving house beats into the syncopated trap breakdown towards the end. 

Further, Hologramme explains his new single: “I’ve been working on this new record for a year now. It’s finally done, and I’m fucking hyped about it. Pure instrumental electronic music, goddamn astral travel, gear porn, deep basses, and high BPM club-ready. Unbothered and unapologetic. It’s my finest work so far.”

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