Exclusive interview with house artist, Jacob Colon

Join us as we explore the creative process of Jacob Colon, a DJ and music Producer known for his distinctive sound and innovative approach to music production. In this interview, Jacob offers a glimpse into the evolution of his craft, sharing insights into the inspiration and process behind his latest release, ‘Gotta Prove’, and his broader musical journey. With a fusion of influences spanning from Hip Hop to Dance music, Jacob’s tracks resonate with energy and authenticity, aiming to captivate audiences worldwide. 

Hey Jacob Colon, how’s it going? Congratulations on the release of ‘Gotta Prove’!

I appreciate it. The feedback so far has been great. I’m excited about it.  

To start, can you tell us what inspired the overall sound of this new release? Did you have any specific influences that you worked to integrate into ‘Gotta Prove’

The overall idea was to create something mysterious with a dark vibe. I’ve been listening to some old but still relevant Hip Hop tracks, like music from the Astroworld album and some older Meduza tracks. I get a lot of inspiration from these artists and try to translate a similar emotion in my tracks. 

This track comes as your first release of the year, do you think ‘Gotta Prove’ differs at all from your releases during 2023? How do you feel the track showcases your evolution as a Producer?

I think this track shows how dynamic my sources of inspiration are. As I mentioned earlier, I used Hip Hop tracks as a reference for things like sound selection which I feel gave this track a grittier sound in comparison to other Dance tracks. 

Can you walk us through the production process? Which element did you start with and how did you then build the rest of the track? Was it a natural process or did you face any challenges that you had to overcome?

I originally had a different chord progression recorded when I first began, but after I came across the acapella sample which I used for the verse, I ended up switching it. Once I committed to this, the rest of the song came together smoothly. 

The track features energetic beats that keep the party-starter vibe high throughout. Can you tell us about your process when it came to creating the shuffled rhythms of the track? You are known for your groovy signature sound; how did you approach the rhythmic arrangement of this new track to ensure your style was showcased? 

As long as I have a good rhythm down with the percussion, I can use the tone of the drums to create a bass groove and form the low end. That’s pretty much the process on how I start my music. Sometimes it takes longer than other times, but I feel that once I have a solid low end the groove of the synths and melody comes easier. 

Did you learn anything new during the production of ‘Gotta Prove’? Were there any new techniques or pieces of equipment that you worked to integrate into your workflow?

I learned a new mixing technique to apply to my basslines. I pretty much used a bit crusher to add excitement to the bass. 

Do you have a favourite part of the production process? Which element do you find most enjoyment in creating?

I always get excited about the bass. 

The arrangement of ‘Gotta Prove’ keeps the listening experience engaging throughout, leading through different sonic moments to keep listeners hooked.  What is your process when it comes to structuring your tracks and curating enthralling listening journeys? 

I listen to a couple records to reference after I get the overall concept of what I want laid down. The goal is to match the energy with whatever section of the song I am referencing. 

What do you hope listeners feel when they listen to ‘Gotta Prove’

The vibe of the track is energetic with breakdowns that are very atmospheric, so I’m hoping that listeners feel the dynamics of the track that I was trying to express in the song. 

Can you tell us about any more of your upcoming releases? What can fans expect to hear from Jacob Colon next?

I’ve been recording my own vocals for my last couple of track ideas, which have turned out better than I thought. I’m going back and forth about it and have re-recorded them a couple times but it’s a cool experience and opens up new creative pathways. Look out for it soon.  

We thank Jacob for his time and for opening up to share an insider’s look into his production process and the work behind ‘Gotta Prove’; as he gears up to continue sharing new music and projects with his followers, make sure to keep an eye out for this talented artist that is ready to reach new heights.

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