Exclusive Q&A with Eric Redd

Eric Redd’s musical journey remains a powerful example of determination, drive, and continued passion, resulting in a reputation that continues to grow as more and more fans worldwide are captivated by his artistic originality. Having spent over four decades on the scene, Eric Redd remains a distinct addition to the landscape of Electronic Music today, breathing fresh energy into the genre as he puts forward his lively Dance vibes, dropping unique productions and delivering infectious performances alongside his band, Electronic Soul. 

Now, in this exclusive interview, the talented Artist joins us to talk about his current projects. Through our conversation, Eric Redd shares details about what he’s currently working on, revealing how his recent move to Spain has impacted his creativity and providing a glimpse into how he hopes to keep evolving and experimenting with his sound moving forward. 

Hey Eric Redd, how are you today? What’s new?

I’m very good thanks. Deep in the planning of summer shows, new songs, re-creating old songs and looking ahead. It’s been a little while since I’ve been able to create with live musicians in this fashion.

Can you tell us about what you are currently working on? Having released your album, ‘Life…With Subtitles’ last year, are you back in the studio?

Interestingly enough, I am in the middle of a new project. The band was going to be my project for the rest of 2024, but recordings just seem to show up and beg to go out into the world. I already have enough new songs for an EP, but I’m engaging in so many new soundscapes, that I’m not sure what the next day brings. It’s a great feeling.

You’ve recently made the move to Spain; can you tell us what impact this has had on your work? Has this influenced your current projects? 

I’m really enjoying the change. Evolving can be daunting and changing countries is enough to make you either quit and run home, but you can also be more challenged and inspired than ever. Luckily, the latter is happening for me. So many new opportunities, new collaborations and challenges. Spain moves slow, so you have to adjust your pace. Drove me crazy at first, but now I’m grateful. I have time to, Relax, Relate, Release…(a Debbie Allen saying…)

Are there any new styles or genres you’ve been working to integrate into your current workflow?

After doing my first band concert in May, the following week I was asked to create my own Jazz, Soul-based show for a club called, “The Velvet Room” in Barcelona. It has become a breakout success. I took Jazz standards, RnB mid-tempo jams and Soulful house songs and created a lush new evening of sound with a Jazz combo. An interesting vibe…. we are going to do it throughout the summer.

Outside of music, do you have any other projects you’re currently working on?

I want to create a new recording studio by the sea. I’ve been looking at locations. It would be nice to have a recording area with a rehearsal space all in one, near the sea. I love the idea of working in a vacation atmosphere. Especially if you have the luxury of creating and owning the space, so your time is your own.

Are you working with any other Artists or Producers currently?

Yes, several. But I hate to spoil the surprises. I will say this… duets are big on my mind with this project. With vocalists and instrumentalists.

You’ve recently performed alongside your new band, Electronic Soul, in Barcelona, are you planning to perform again soon? If so, how are you currently working to prepare for these next shows?

They are amazing. The next show is June 9th in Barcelona….then on to Madrid and Paris.

Do you have any current plans to develop your live set-up further? Are there any new pieces of equipment or other instrumentation that you hope to bring to the stage? 

Experimentation is the name of the game!!! Because I have a full horn section, we’re using them in places where I would normally have background vocalists. It’s so inspiring to use electronic and live players with analog. Trying to bring raw Soul combined with digital excellence.

What are your goals and intentions when it comes to your current projects? Are there any career milestones you are hoping to achieve?

I want to tour. I believe people want to dance again, not just hold their phones and look at the talent. You have to create a safe environment for people to move and express themselves without judgement. That begins on the stage. A variety of sounds gives you the chance to touch more hearts. Live bands do that.

What about your current projects are you most excited about?

The band, of course, is the one that tickles my fancy the most. But… that said I have a couple of new songs coming out that are really enjoyable because they bring me into unfamiliar territory as a vocalist. “Nobody Knows” released in May is my second foray into Techno music. Later in the summer, I have a song called “Where’s Life” – that is back to my deep love of Melodic soulful House. A perfect summer melody to dream upon.

We end our interview with Eric Redd by thanking him for sharing an insider’s look into where he plans to guide his creative journey next and the goals he hopes to achieve as he carries on carving his compelling way within Electronic Music. As he promises to keep his creativity high, continuing to evolve and experiment as he takes himself to fresh musical ground, we’re eagerly anticipating the next chapter of Eric Redd’s journey, eager to see the direction he takes next. So, stay tuned and follow Eric Redd across social media to not miss out on his latest news, shows, or projects.

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