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11 ONES label head JORI SJÖROOS releases fiery & imaginative album

 Image credit: Paavo Lehtonen

Renowned Finnish Grammy-winning musician and music producer JORI SJÖROOS has dropped his explosive album SJÖROOTS today via his label 11 ONES. Featured on this latest release is the remarkable song “SNTARIEN”, which embarks on a more uptempo flow.

Stream/download SJÖROOTS

Stream/ download SJÖROOTS  instrumental

JORI SJÖROOS elaborates on working on the new album: “In July 2019, I asked, what would happen if I sit down in my studio, wait and listen? I chose not to limit myself in what would come out, or through me. That lead me on a journey, a journey into myself. Of darkness and struggles, fear and hate, light and love, and everything in between. It was a spiritual journey, a healing journey. I touched the infinity, the eternal source of creativity and let it guide me. The journey turned into sounds, into songs, and into energy.”

SJÖROOTS is an elaborate work of creativity, imagination, and fiery spirit in one work. Be prepared to be whisked away into a world of vivid thoughts. Expect divine emotional responses as well, especially admiration for the gothic and angelic harmony on this latest album. 



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