Florian Picass FFO Tchami and Malaa
Florian Picass FFO Tchami and Malaa

Florian Picasso brings the energy in ‘Make Me Dance’

Image credit: Olivia Lamm

Since the release of his record ‘What’s The Next Move’ (read our feature piece on the single here), DJ and producer Florian Picasso has shared two new singles, first ‘Safari’ and now ‘Make Me Dance’. This latest number was all about having a good time, according to Florian himself. 

Stream / Download: Florian Picasso – ‘Make Me Dance’

“Making this record was really fun as I wanted to have a catchy line that calls for a dance. ‘Make me dance on the floor’ is simple yet very effective. I call it a hybrid record since there’s a section with heavy bass that leads into a beautiful piano melody throughout the track,” he said.

Grab your tie-dye shirts and bell-bottom jeans; this one has a definite retro disco feeling. The first thing that stands out is the catchy lyric, a robotic sample that repeats throughout the track. Further, Florian has sustained a high level of energy, maintaining the groove to keep that roller rink pumping! Out now via La Californie Musique.

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