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Errance emerges with an exceptional piece of organic house, ‘Guidance’

Canadian artist Errance dropped his debut single, ‘Guidance’, on March 1, 2024, via Société Holographique de Montréal. This track, garnering early support from BBC Radio 6’s Tom Ravenscroft and Deb Grant, leads the way for his upcoming self-produced album, Errance, scheduled release for later this year. Errance is the solo project of Gabriel Gagnon, who boasts a prolific career as a producer and composer. Co-produced with Hologramme, the song reflects Gagnon’s musical journey centered on deep introspection, self-growth, and a profound connection to nature. Inspired by artists like Floating Points, Mount Kimbie, Max Cooper, and Jon Hopkins, Errance delivers a unique sound sure to be enjoyed by fans of Parra For Cuva and Fejká

‘Guidance’ unfolds as an organic house track characterised by lively beats and vibrant tones. The song transports listeners to a remote natural environment through its rhythmic percussion, lush synths, and echoing resonances. Eluding monotony, it provides a sonic expedition that mirrors the tranquil yet revitalising spirit of the natural world, reminiscent of a dynamic setting that encourages contemplation.

Errance shared:The inspiration for this track struck me during a hike last spring; the sound of the melted snow beneath my feet, the birds chirping around me, and the echoes of my voice against the rocks of the national park all played a part in shaping its conception. I recorded various sounds to capture that specific moment. My aim was to convey a sense of elevation, a continual ascension. . ‘Guidance’ is the balance between my electronic, organic, and sensory worlds, drawing inspiration from the perpetual movement of nature that surrounds us. It beckons you to forge ahead with determination, to contemplate the horizon, introspect and maintain focus. Through this release, I feel a longing to break free, to embark on a new chapter in my life, and to generously share my sound..”

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