20 New House tracks You Should Check Out

This new (Released 27th of May) deep-house-compilation ‘We Want More‘ by Avocado Mango Soup contains 20 tracks that deserve to be heard. It includes minimal, downtempo, lounge, chicago as well as disco House at its finest from various artists. If you love House music, you will almost certainly find at least a few good tunes there! Enjoy.


1. Deep Associated – Mystey of the Black Room

2. Jeff Kambusa – The Lost Jungle (Deep & Dreams Mix)

3. Bar Groovers – Crazy Love (The Modell Mix) 

4. Danny Soul – Private Worlds (Disco & Disco Mix) 

5. Dyba – Shake It Up

6. Boyd Nate – A Completely New Story

7. Emo Ston, Jack Sax – Sanrenka (J.S. Beach Mix)

8. Guru Pause, Jazzy Calabra – Aldebaran (Soul Sonique Mix)

9. City Cinema – A Pleasent Evening

10. Last Reaction – Continent Air (Audio 77’s Deep Mix)

11. Beat Virtuoso Method-X – Some Years Ago

12. Nisa Loson – On The Seas (Trumpet Mix)

13. More Soul – La Bandera (Beach & Martini Mix)

14. Nixon Hamilton – The Eternal Woman (Aperitif Groove Mix) 

15. Philter Corporation – 39th Club (Deepstar Mix)

16. Bodhisattva Somporn Kamon – Cultural Trip

17. Night Masters – Heaven Melody 

18. Miss Venice – Explicit Delicious

19. Spicy Patt – Animal

20. Flying Oliver – Living for Sesation   

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