Joris Delacroix, Jon Hopkins, Trentemøller and Lapalux
Joris Delacroix, Jon Hopkins, Trentemøller and Lapalux

French producer Joris Delacroix releases theatrical music video

                                                                                              Photo Credit: Guilhem Canal 

There is something about the theatre – soaking in the rich history of countless generations before you who have attended, performed and even created these works of art. It can be a humbling experience as you’re exposed to the words of an unknown playwright who brings you to tears with a few eloquent words. It’s within this magical space that we find Joris Delacroix and his long time friend, CEBB performing their latest single, ‘Need Your Attention’.

Stream / Download: ‘Need Your Attention’

Created in reflection of the current turbulent times, ‘Need Your Attention’ will be slotted away amongst the audio history books: providing a stark reminder for the generations to come of the impact the pandemic had upon creative professionals. Dripping with reverberation and needling its way into your heart, the single will be kept on repeat on our playlist for several weeks to come. The video is dramatic itself, with the empty seats and scowling gargoyle faces providing a poignant reflection of the music industry.

Joris Delacroix tells us about the creation of the video: “It was so exciting to shoot this video. This was the first time I’ve performed live together with Cebb. In my career as a solo artist, I haven’t had many opportunities to play live with other musicians. So it was quite challenging on the artistic and technical aspects. I also feel lucky to have the chance of playing this track in the Montpellier Opera, where many talented artists have been playing for almost 150 years. There is something really inspiring about this place, with this great classic French architecture and decorations.”

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