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Interview with tribal house music producer HVMZA

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Previously an avid lover of hip-hop Belgian music producer HVMZA realized he had a newfound love for house music and its range within the electronic music sphere. Several years later, HVMZA has established himself as a  tech-house artist that merges his sound between afro house, tribal and hip-hop into one melting pot. This makes his music a unique combination of rhythm that is rich and fragrant in texture. His latest single ‘Lloro Yo’ via Hamza Alakay best illustrates this unique culmination of genres into one invigorating sound experience. ‘Lloro Yo’ is the perfect escapist track for a clouded mind that needs to be energized.

We chatted with the man himself HVMZA below.

For anyone that hasn’t heard it yet, how would you describe your sound?

I would say organic, raw, tribal, lots of soul and heart, feel good, deep, sprinkled with catchy melodies in a melting pot of genres. I don’t know if that makes any sense lol, but art doesn’t have to make sense anyway.

At what point in your life did you have that moment where you said to yourself “This is it. This is the type of music I want to create?”

I think it was around 2018/2019 that I had this transition moment from hip hop to house music. I loved producing hip hop, but I always felt like I was depending on other rappers and singers to make great music. And I felt like it was limiting my creativity. I was also seeing the interaction of the crowd with the DJs in the house scene and I feel like no other scene has that same interaction. So I slowly started gravitating more and more to house music but still keeping the essence of hip-hop/R&B with me; the knocking drums, the great vocals and the beautiful sampled melodies.

What piece of gear could you never live without?

My MacBook of course, because that’s where all my creations come out of. 

Studio work and music creation or performing and interacting with a live audience, what do you prefer?

Wow, that’s a hard one lol. I would have chosen performing and interacting with a live audience before, but the older I get the more I love studio work and music creation.

Tell us about your latest single Lloro Yo – any specific inspiration behind its production? 

Like I described my music before; I love organic, raw, tribal sounds with lots of soul and heart. And when I heard Etelvina Maldonado singing I was in the car and there was this beautiful sunset, I felt inspired immediately. I rushed to the studio to cook up something and it was one of these songs where everything fell into place so smoothly. I think I had finished the track in a few weeks.

What’s the weirdest or most amazing reaction you’ve had to your music?

I don’t know if I ever had a weird reaction to any of my songs but what always amazes me is when I see people from all over the world listening and vibing to my songs and they are filming themselves and posting it onto their Instagram stories. Love to see that! Also when DJ’s drop my songs and the crowd goes crazy, *heart eyes* !!!

Favourite BPM?

Anything between 121 and 124 BPM.

All-time favourite album?

Oh wow then I have to take you guys back to hip hop, I’m gonna give you three. 

2Pac – All Eyez On me

Snoop Dogg – Doggystyle

Dr. Dre – The Chronic 2001

What have you got in the pipeline for the near future?

A lot of music for sure, I get inspired every day. And I literally started making house music in September 2019, so I’m really excited and looking forward to creating and release more. Also can’t wait for this pandemic to be over so I can start DJing again but this time in front of a house crowd.

Thank you so much for having me DoofDoof. Much love, peace and harmony!

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