REVIEW: Jaffna’s debut album ‘Odyssey’ is a captivating auditory voyage

Melodic deep-house duo Jaffna have released their debut album, Odyssey via Enchanté Records – and the result is a remarkably fluid composition that transitions between tracks and offers an interesting auditory voyage.

Opening with the hypnotic, undulating sounds of ‘Hollow Fields‘, we are then taken to ‘Oslo’ – so named after the location where this track, the duo’s first, was written. 

Next we’re introduced to the duo’s very own vocals on ‘You Got Together’, the irresistibly happy tune with vibrant basslines and gentle, uncluttered lyrics. Jaffna then offer up a healthy dose of  kinetic energy and tribal influence on ‘Roots’ – a track  bound to inspire even the shyest wallflower to hit the dance-floor.

The interesting voice samples on ‘Manifest’ are a definite cerebral journey, as are Iris Elba’s voice samples on ‘Hackney Boy‘, and cuts from a Dizzee Rascal interview on ‘Headlines.’ ‘Byzance’, influenced by an Indian classical chant, is a rolling, multi-layered sound journey which leads into the expressive, pacey ‘Rival.’ ‘Bhaivari’ again showcases the duo’s affinity for chanting, and resonates with a distinctly spiritual feel, while ‘Sturm Und Drang’ encompasses the emotional unrest of the track’s namesake.

Closing with ‘Outro’ – a track underscored by a distinct feeling of hope, Jaffna’s debut album truly is an other-worldly journey.

Listen below:

Odyssey LP Tracklist

1. Hollow Fields

2. Oslo

3. You Got Together

4. Roots

5. Manifest

6. Hackney Boy

7. Follies

8. Headlines

9. Byzance

10. Rival

11. Bhairavi

12. Sturm Und Drang

13. Outro

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    Image credit: Iviu Torre

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