Aiden Francis, DJ Seinfeld, Ross From Friends, Mall Grab
Aiden Francis, DJ Seinfeld, Ross From Friends, Mall Grab

Aiden Francis releases introspective ‘Mezzanine’ EP

Manchester-based producer Aiden Francis has released his new album Mezzanine via Houseum Records. This comes in the wake of his previous successful single ‘Elegy.’

Stream / Download: Mezzanine EP

Francis has a string of releases under his belt and is currently signed to the prestigious label Houseum Records. He has always felt drawn to both the creation and the performance aspect of music. As told to House Music Mag earlier this month: “I love doing both, they go hand in hand for me. DJing is a great way of getting that instant buzz whereas producing and creating music brings a gradual sense of achievement.”

Mezzanine is a four-track EP that will also be available on vinyl. Francis originally wrote and produced the EP before the pandemic, but due to the lockdown was afforded extra time to sit down and refine the tracks. The result is that Mezzanine feels like a carefully considered record, not only evoking echoes of the previous night’s warehouse rave, but also suited to introspective moments of headspace at home.

EP Track ‘Revolver’ features on the Spotify playlist

Speaking of the creation of the EP, Aiden Francis tells us: “I started creating and forming this release back in 2019. At the time, I was repeatedly getting stuck in a musical rut with no clear artist or musical direction. So when I started working on the title track ‘Mezzanine’, all the other tracks fell into place after that. By the time 2020 came around, the EP was pretty much done but when the Covid pandemic hit, I found myself with a lot more time to sit removed from outside influence. So I sat back down with the tracks to refine and perfect them. My recording process for this started out quite relaxed but it then became some sort of lifeline for me over those lonely and scary months. This is why most of the tracks are less heavy dance floor orientated and more for those moments of bliss at home, the end of the night or that 7 am walk home from the club.

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