Parra For Cuva, Nicolas Jaar,Stavroz, Kiasmos
Parra For Cuva, Nicolas Jaar,Stavroz, Kiasmos

Electronic band Stavroz share freeform album song ‘In Mindibu’

     Image credit: Clara Hanssens

Continuing to make the audience light up and feel energized on their current tour (Upcoming Tour Dates & Tickets here), jazzy electronica band Stavroz have refreshed our auditory senses yet again. This time with freeform deep house song ‘In Mindibu’ via Moodfamily. This track will feature on their upcoming album of the same name, which is slated for official release on the 13th of May.

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In an exclusive interview with HAUS Mag they were asked about their technique, to which they replied: “Avoid going for the obvious choices, go beyond expectations, experiment. Twist the knobs further than you’d usually do. See what comes out, force yourself. Don’t care what anyone else might think. If you like it, then you can bet that there going to be someone else that likes it.”

‘In Mindibu’ features on

Carrying on the jazzified elements like its predecessor ‘Wintergreen’, ‘In Mindibu’ channels a busy and buzzing night lounge atmosphere unlike ‘Wintergreen’ that follows a more minimal and gradual path. Both recognizable as a Stavroz song, but so delightfully rare in the mood they evoke, we can see that Stavroz have musical range in their niche sound. A vibrant piano sequence leads this track and we are further hypnotized by this band’s skill and confident production.

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