Sigrid Rosier
Sigrid Rosier

Sigrid Rosier delivers atmospheric Techno album

Image credit: Tristan Wang

Supported by Magnetic Magazine, 6am Group, ElectroWow, and Matata Records, Sigrid Rosier is an electronic/techno music producer, singer, songwriter, and absolute bada***. Mixing Gregorian chant with slow burn ambient techno beats, her unique style is unabashedly captivating.

Having amassed several hundred thousand streams to date after only two years, Sigrid is now releasing her much awaited full length album.

Her focus track ‘Wallfacer’ is exactly what you’d expect from Sigrid Rosier, haunting vocals and driving beats that build in intensity. The whole album itself takes you on a journey, intertwining each song into the next and taking you for a ride through Rosier’s world.

Reigning from an ancient city untouched by humanity, Sigrid Rosier redefines the meaning of Electronic Music. Enigmatic and elusive, she attracts her audience with her mythological storytelling. It is Sigrid Rosier’s mission to disrupt, and she did precisely that by foraging a brand new genre of “Gregorian Techno.”

Sigrid Rosier first started releasing music in 2021. After 2 years and 5 singles, she has amassed an impressive 100k+ total streams with an audience in 70+ countries. Her singles have been added to 30+ playlists, including the official playlist from Matata Records,  and one of her singles was premiered by premium techno label 6 am group. Sigrid Rosier’s unique style is also praised by Asian media giant TaKungPao and the famed Magnetic Magazine.

At the beginning of “Eros,” Sigrid Rosier grounded her sound within techno music, showcasing strong capability and potential. As she gained momentum, she released music of equal caliber, including the atmospheric banger “Gidora” in collaboration with bass prodigy TRSTN. With her new release, “Tower of Babylon” and “Inferno,” she’s broken boundaries and the status quo by creating unconventional techno. Rosier seeks to disrupt and construct a brand-new world with her upcoming album release Trinity.

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