Hologramme, Camden Cox, James Carter, Lost Frequencies
Hologramme, Camden Cox, James Carter, Lost Frequencies

Hologramme unleashes new song, ‘32’

Image credit: Jean-François Sauvé

With the release of his new single, a jumping track titled ‘32’, Montréal producer/live performer Hologramme has already received a strong compliment from the music blog Canadian Beats: “‘32’ is a testament to Hologramme’s ability to create beauty and depth through his music.” Further, the producer has announced that he will be performing at live the Montréal-based music festival Piknic Electronik at the end of June.

Stream / Download: Hologramme – ‘32’

When it came to the creation of ‘32’, Hologramme dropped the serious approach: “With my new work, I’m reconnecting with the very purpose of my project: to play. Being Hologramme, I have the feeling I can do whatever I want, as long as it’s fun. 32 is pure impulsion. It’s me playing some synths in the studio and finding just the right amount of weird, catchy, and uplifting. I got the chance to perform it last summer at different festivals and I never saw my crowd turn up like that. Definitely a banger – would recommend.”

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The video for ‘32’ is a montage of mayhem. From fireworks to a gloomy nightclub, we watch as the lens captures the fun-loving side of life. And, like the video, the track itself is a totality pieced together from many singular moments – unplotted, unplanned, but forming a cohesive unit nonetheless. Octave-jumping bass stabs jot out a melody while skittered percussions run us home.

Upcoming Live Dates:

June 25th – Piknic Electronik – Montreal, Canada

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