At Pavillon Releases new album‘Lions Remixed’ featuring remixes by Is Tropical, Mynth & More

Austrian indie-rock band At Pavillon recently released their banging single ‘Lions’ and only days afterwards they have released the Lions Remixed EP, containing the original song along with 4 stellar remixes from Is Tropical, Mynth, Cio, and EyhtThe remix package is a delight to the ears as each rendition brings something new to the table.

The Lions Remixed EP kicks off with the original track announcing it’s arrival in thunderous fashion as inspiring lyrics about strength and pride lift you up, reading you for what’s to come. 

Is Tropical’s version of ‘Lions’ transforms the track into a bouncy track filled with fuzzy synthesizers that will make you want to bounce along to each beat. 

Mynth takes a considerably different approach as the once uplifting track takes on a darker undertone. Deep trap bass shakes the ground from the get go, only to be relieved in an atmospheric chorus. One can’t help but feel a little bit of M83 or Odesza in this version. And that’s always a good thing. 

Up next, CIO delivers with with a tropical-house-esque remix as they tone it down a notch to make you ponder the lyrics as melodic piano work and harmonious steel drums fills your ears. 

To end off At Pavillon’s Lions Remixed EP, Eyht transforms the bouncy track into a bass-filled track with hard hitting beats and hypnotising production work driving it all forward. This version almost sounds like a lovechild between dubstep and future bass and it’s hitting all the right notes.

Lions Remixed EP delivers 4 standout remixes, each different that the last. Fans from every aspect of the electronic music scene will be able to appreciate the EP, each having their own favourites. The more you listen to each track, the more you pick up in the nuanced layering of each producer’s work. 


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