Music producer NHOAH captures vibe of city Bristol in new song


Music producer NHOAH has released his latest offering, song ‘BRISTOL said: In The Name’. The song was inspired by the culture and vibe of the city.  Four Four comment on the track,”‘BRISTOL said: In The Name’ beat and atmosphere will linger in your brain even when you are not listening to it. You feel the energy of euphoria and significance in the track. As well as the distorted, and bold vocals also add on a free-form atmosphere.”

NHOAH shares his thoughts, “Last year I was at a memorable wedding in Bristol. For the first time I understood why so much impressive music comes from this city. The vibe grabbed me immediately even though it was raining cats and dogs. I would have loved to stay longer but there was no time for that. But the impressions resonated and the track “BRISTOL Said: In The Name…” was born. It took me months to find the perfect sound. Then all of a sudden I found the musical force to express how the city caught me.”

I say that this track is like a starry night sky on a blue day, it immediately stops your train of negative thoughts, that we all are feeling now more than ever. And eases your mind for a few minutes, and maybe long after the song ends. It is a feel-good dance track, that elevates your mind and mood. NHOAH continues to impress.


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