Production duo Re.decay release ‘Ghosts’ via SPRINGSTOFF

Re.decay are a rising production duo who have released their new single ‘Ghost (feat. Brian Ennals)’ via SPRINGSTOFF. ‘Ghosts’ will feature on their EP Down Long Enough. The duo consists of musicians/producers Owen Ross and Emanuel Bender. Featured on the single are the rap skills of noteworthy musician Brian Ennals, who forms part of rising hip-duo HNNY & ENEM.

Re.decay share, “This track is a sonic crossover between the golden age of hip hop and the lyrical and production aesthetic of 2020. Working with Brian Ennals has been a creative joy for us. Owen has done a lot of work with artists from Baltimore over the years and Brian is one of the most talented and creative. His wordplay and delivery are truly unique and we’re confident the world will see a lot more from him in the near future.’

Brian Ennals elaborates on the lyrics, “My only goal when I wrote these particular verses was to sound like Ghostface did on Supreme Clientele. I’m sure I failed miserably, but even getting to 50% of Supreme Ghost is an achievement. I knew the majority people of listening to this record would be hearing me for the first time, so I wrote the verses to be sort of a thesis statement of me as an artist and my worldview, my concerns, my ambivalence, and my vices. As far as the hook, I just thought that melody was really fucking groovy so I gave it some words that hopefully make you feel like the world feels in this current moment.”

Ghosts’ carries a lot of emotional weight and frustration amongst the upbeat electronics and rhythm that Re.decay are providing,  and the deceiving humourous flow Ennals is delivering.

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