French disco band Le Couleur release passionate song ‘Désert’

 Image credit: Gabrielle Demers 

French disco and synth-pop band Le Couleur have shared their new song ‘Désert’, and we are obsessed, It contains the ingredients of a future dance hit with its charisma and underlying poise. The group is fronted by charming Vietnamese-Canadian singer Laurence Giroux-Do who proves bold and captivating vocal delivery does not have to be loud.

Synthian adds their thoughts on the single, “Le Couleur’s music sits close in comparison to the music that your parents/grandparents rock out to on their favorite radio station with classic hits by iconic acts David Bowie, ABBA, and Led Zepplin.”

Le Couleur speak about the single, “In the vastness of life, this song is a musical painting of a desert where one always crosses paths with mirages that represent a death that haunts you and attracts you with gorgeous assets.” 

‘Désert’ provides laidback soundscapes that leave you daydreaming about sitting along French Riveria sipping champagne. 

Live stream dates:

September 17 – Album launch party in Montreal @ Le Ministère + live stream 

Concorde Tracklist:

01. Désert

02. Silenzo

03. Sillhoute

04. Concorde

05. Comme Une Fin Du Monde

06. L’Aube Du 3ème Soleil

07. Train De Minuit

08. Vol D’après Midi

09. Un Simple Vol D’après Midi. Feat. Valence

10. Oiseaux Sauvages

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