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Composer Douran celebrates the electronic music sphere with latest EP

Want a listening experience that feels like you are in your own personal cinema? Look no further than operatic music producer Douran’s music. The music producer has unveiled his latest body of work, the Avalanche EP. His latest offering has a unique twist that will leave many fans hating or loving this latest work. The producer provides an A-Side and B-Side on this release and many may wonder why an EP release is two-sided.

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To briefly explain the intricacies of this hotly anticipated release – the B-Side features remixes from Douran’s list of highly favoured music producers that he admires regardless of genre specifics. Renowned music producer Gui Boratto re-works featured track ‘Inertia’ turning this whimsical electronica track into a dancefloor approved one. Another noteworthy artist to be featured on the remixes for the Avalanche EP would be none other than Joachim Pastor who remixed the EP title track.

This EP is a pleasant listener for lovers of minimal electronic sounds. Whether you like your electronics more subdued or lively, this EP certainly offers the option for both. This EP will certainly encourage admiration for the many electronic hybrids out there, as you compare the unmatched skill behind the originals and remixes. 

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