GONE, Ben Bohmer, Jan Blomqvist and Stephan Bodzin

French music producer creates magic with latest techno single

Let’s explore the concept of control and its multifaceted nature. If you had the option to control both sound and the airwaves around you, what would you do? For French music producer GONE, the answer is simple: make a driving techno banger that’s going to be known for years to come. ‘Control’ will be officially released on the 10th of February via Enchanté Records but thanks to Complex mag, you can be one of the first to catch the irresistible dancefloor hit below.

Pre-save: ‘Control’

The producer reveals the creation of the video to us: “I made this track in a hurry the night before a live performance that I played at Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris. It describes this inapprehensible feeling when you abandon yourself to an evil and mechanical techno beat.”

The producer’s origin story is a bit of a mystery at the moment, having first appeared on the scene in the middle of last year and releasing the magnetic Sources EP which quickly gained traction around the world. In an interview with Techno Music, GONE dropped an enigmatic hint towards both the future and the past:  “The history of GONE is based on a sci-fi universe, an unknown black matter and a mysterious ice cavern in Iceland. You’ll discover more quite soon.”

Perhaps it’s the little bit of sci-fi magic that makes ‘Control’ so good. Either way, we’ve got Friday bookmarked for this release. Do you?

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