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Q&A: Manu P spills the beans on AMSTERDAM DANCE EVENT

Talented DJ/Producer Manu P recently attended ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event), one of the Electronic music industry’s premier events. In this interview, he shares his experiences and insights from the event, discusses the unique atmosphere of Amsterdam during ADE, highlights memorable moments, and shares a glimpse into his upcoming projects and aspirations for the future. 

Hi Manu P. How are you doing?

Hello, I’m good, and you?

All good, thanks! You attended ADE this year, what was it like? Can you tell us about your experience?
This year’s ADE was just as exciting as before, filled with warmth and positive encounters. I had the opportunity to establish new connections with people from all over the world.

What was the atmosphere of Amsterdam like?

As always, during ADE in Amsterdam, you experience a fantastic atmosphere. Everyone there is connected by their work or passion for music.

Did you manage to attend any live shows?

Yes, I was invited to several live shows. Besides that, I hosted various people I met this year at my show, The Cage, which took place at Pirk.

What did you like most about the city?

I visit Amsterdam often because it’s probably my favorite European city. There’s an atmosphere of extreme tranquility and collaboration.

What were you hoping to achieve during ADE this year?

I aimed to establish new contacts to arrange a series of record releases on influential labels next year. In addition to this, along with Matt Caldwell PR, we are working on developing a series of gigs throughout Europe with new booking agents.

For those who haven’t been, how would you sum up the ADE experience in three words?

Always an emotion.

Was there a highlight to your trip? If so, can you share it with us now?

Definitely, the highlight of the trip was our party, The Cage, which was packed from start to finish.

In which ways would you say attending ADE inspires you?

Just being able to meet new people and being in this magical place inspires me greatly. I haven’t missed ADE since 2016.

What can fans expect from you next in terms of upcoming projects, releases, and collaborations?

The next few months are crucial. I want to play more dates in Europe, there will be new releases, and, most importantly, I want to further grow The Cage‘s entire ecosystem.

We wrap up this interview by thanking Manu P for his time talking with us, sharing his reflections on his ADE experience, and unveiling his exciting plans for the future. We look forward to witnessing his upcoming releases, performances, and the growth of The Cage‘s thriving ecosystem.

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