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Q&A: Tensteps tells us about ADE 2023

Tensteps has steadily been making a name for himself within the world of Electronic Music, captivating fans with his powerful signature sound and magnetic stage persona; having released his debut album ‘Infinite’ just last month, Tensteps’ reputation as one of the most sought- after talents on the Electronic Music scene is continuing to soar. Now, fresh from his return to the Amsterdam Dance Event, the talented Producer and DJ joins us to talk about his time at ADE, sharing insights into his time spent in Amsterdam this October.

Hello Tensteps, how are you doing?  

Doing great! Sitting in my hotel room at EDC Orlando actually!

You attended ADE this year, what was it like? Can you tell us about your experience?  

It was amazing, as always. The opportunity to meet so many new industry people and reconnect with those I haven’t seen in a year, at least, is so welcome. It’s hard to keep in touch with everyone you want to throughout the course of the year, so conferences like this are invaluable for keeping those relationships alive.

What was the atmosphere of Amsterdam like? 

It’s electric (no pun intended haha)! There’s such a good energy to the city during ADE, where you just know that there are hundreds of thousands of people there with a shared appreciation for Dance music and that you’re connected to those people in some way.

Did you manage to attend any live shows?  

I went to the Rave Culture show on the Thursday, and that was a ton of fun. Got to see Ben Nicky play who I’ve never gotten to see somehow, and his set was just absolutely ridiculous – so much fun. W&W were also great, never seen them live before either so it was a really good time.

What did you like most about the city?  

One of my favorite things about being in Amsterdam is just walking the city. Most nights I’ll walk the city for a while before I go back to my hotel and go to bed. Even if my feet are hurting from being out all day, I’ll almost always take a little walk before I turn in. I just love the environment of Amsterdam, it’s such a gorgeous city with amazing people that make it so special.

What were you hoping to achieve during ADE this year?  

I had a list of people and companies I wanted to connect with, and by and large, I was able to do everything I wanted to! I won’t name specifics, but most of them are in the live events part of the industry.

For those who haven’t been, how would you sum up the ADE experience in three words?  

Really exhausting! And honestly, it is, but that’s a sign that you used the time. It means you hit a lot of events and met a lot of people and hopefully did everything you set out to accomplish. And afterward, you sleep for a couple of days until you recover haha.

Was there a highlight of your trip? If so, can you share it with us now?  

I got to control the pyro during Andrew Rayel’s set at the Rave Culture show, that was pretty cool!

In which ways would you say attending ADE inspires you?  

In every way honestly. I’m always so inspired by the city, from the calmness of the canals to the unique slanted buildings, to all the different cultures and nationalities you can find everywhere.

Following ADE, what’s coming up next for Tensteps?  

I just announced my first headlining show and Canadian debut for December 8 in Vancouver, tickets for that are on my website.  And then my final show of the year is December 21 in Dallas, TX alongside Emma Hewitt.  Both of those are gonna be really magical nights so I hope to see some of you there!

As we close this interview, we thank Tensteps for giving us a look into his experience at ADE 2023 and look forward to the next chapter of his exciting musical journey, following along as he no doubt continues to drop unmissable music and deliver unforgettable live shows. 

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