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Interview with multi-talented Berlin-based artist Ornery

With 2024 just around the corner, we had the opportunity to talk to DJ/Producer Ornery about his 2023 favorites. In this interview, Ornery shares his thoughts on music, emerging artists, personal inspirations, and more from the past year. Get ready to learn more about this Berlin-based DJ and Producer’s experiences and reflections on both the Electronic music industry and life beyond music.

What are your 3 favorite tracks that were released this year, and what about them makes them so special for you as a music producer?

That is a very hard question!

I’m going to name: Walls of Arctica – “Nothing Left to Say” released on Lowbit; His. Creator – “Overdrive” released on Infinite Depth; and the excellent “Stone Van Brooken & Marcus Cito Edit” of Âme’s classic, “Rej”, released on Exx Muzik.

There are so many other tracks that I enjoyed playing and that I could name, but these three really stood out to me, and exemplify the perfect mix of energy and melody.

Were there any emerging artists or newcomers in the music scene this year caught your attention? And can you let us know why?

Definitely Walls of Arctica, a duo from Finland that I named above; then I would say Ka-Way, German artist I recently discovered; and lastly Irish producer Atom. I honestly don’t know if they qualify as newcomers anymore, because they’ve already started putting out amazing music on several quality labels this year, but I surely want to work with all of them in some capacity in the near future!

Can you share a favorite musical moment or memory from this year, either in your own career or from the music industry as a whole?

I would say the first release on my brand-new “Daydreaming” label, titled “Calling”, in collaboration with Michael Ritter. The tracks were very well-received by both other DJs and the public, all the artists on the release brought something unique to the table and were a pleasure to work with, and I was really satisfied with the overall outcome.

In the realm of fashion and style, were there any standout trends or clothing items that became your favorites during the past year, and did they influence your public image as an artist?

I wouldn’t say any trend or item in particular caught my attention, but I definitely got more into designers this past year. I follow a few, and one of my favorites at the moment, is certainly AMIRI from Los Angeles. Distinctive, edgy, blending Rock ‘n’ Roll and streetwear aesthetic: without a doubt, something I’m greatly interested in and inspired by.

Beyond music, were there any films, documentaries or series, that stand out as your favorite from the past year, and did these inspire your music?

Apparently, it was released in 2020, but I only got around to watch it this year, so I hope it counts! It’s “My Octopus Teacher”, a documentary that is on Netflix.

It’s a – mind blowing, I must say – story about a man forging a very unexpected bond with an octopus, off the coast of South Africa.

Without revealing too much, I can say that it’s an immensely profound story, and will make you think about how you interact with all living beings, and that there’s probably something to learn from every experience and every encounter. So, I’m not sure it inspired my music directly, but it certainly did on a broader scale.

When it comes to visual art or design, can you highlight a piece or artist that captured your attention and became a favorite source of inspiration this year?

I’m going to keep it strictly “musical” here, and say that the visuals of Bicep’s live show, which I was lucky to witness a couple of times, are really something that resonated with me and inspired me on multiple levels; and that really transcend the boundaries of conventional musical expression.

Did you explore any new hobbies or activities outside of music in the past year, and did any of them provide unexpected creative insights or relaxation?

I am an avid runner, and endurance sports enthusiast in general, and that always provides me great clarity, makes my mind think of plenty of ideas (both musical and non-musical!), and in general, lets me gain perspective on things. Plus, some fresh, sometimes even very cold, air is really good for the body and the mind.

Can you name a location or destination you visited during the year that became a personal favorite, and did the experience influence your music or overall perspective?

This year, I would say Barcelona! I’ve always enjoyed the city, having visited it many times in the past, but I hadn’t been there in a few years, so it was great to go back and re-discover it, and doing it during Sónar week was a cool added bonus! The energy and the people are really unique, the club scene is very lively and diverse, and some of the nights I was able to be part of, were a major source of inspiration.

In terms of technology or gadgets, were there any new devices or innovations that became your favorites and had an impact on your music production or performance?

I have to go with Ableton Push 3 here, the standalone version to be precise. Although I have used the previous iterations in the past, I haven’t fully gotten into this one yet, but it definitely will have a great impact on my (future) live performances, as I was looking for a way to create and perform a live set without bringing a laptop on stage.

Reflecting on the past year, what message or piece of wisdom would you like to share with your audience and fellow artists as you look forward to the future?

Embrace change, and don’t be scared of it.

As we conclude this interview with Ornery, we thank him for his time and his insights and reflections on the past year. His message to embrace change serves as an important takeaway as we look ahead to the future of music and beyond; make sure to follow him across social media to learn more about his projects and releases.

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