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Get to know Brazilian-born, Portugal-based techno producer Raw Ideology

In this insightful interview with Fernando de Sá aka Raw Ideology, we dive into the artist’s thoughts on the past year, exploring his musical favorites, standout moments, and sources of inspiration. From tracks that define his sound to emerging artists who’ve caught his attention, Raw Ideology shares his perspective on music, fashion, film, and more.

What are your 3 favorite tracks that were released this year, and what about them makes them so special for you as a music producer?

‘Solutions’, ‘Desires’ and ‘Celestial’ are some of my personal sound identity and I really like them and always received good dancefloor feedback with it! 

Were there any emerging artists or newcomers in the music scene this year caught your attention? And can you let us know why?

Chris Rubbra from Toronto, that kid is bringing some great tunes and can be a groudbreaking name for the raw hypnotic scene.

Can you share a favorite musical moment or memory from this year, either in your own career or from the music industry as a whole?

I guess ADE events, as usual always bring the heat and make you see the grandeur of this industry once more every year.

In the realm of fashion and style, were there any standout trends or clothing items that became your favorites during the past year, and did they influence your public image as an artist?

Well I don’t really follow fashion, but I’m very flexible with my styles, can rock that mountain lumberjack look with boots and flannel shirts and also can be very casual or very fancy with proper luxury pieces, I can say I’m a bit of a chameleon, I do like accessories a lot tho, watches, necklaces, wristbands and rings are always in my outfits. 

Beyond music, were there any films, documentaries or series, that stand out as your favorite from the past year, and did these inspire your music?

Oh, there’s just so many, as they’re things I consume the most, but I’ll say Wonka. I used to do acting in school, so I really like that character because one of my main roles was to play him, but what made the latest film be special is the character development shows the whole path of the artist, its struggles and challenges, so everyone that follows some sort of artistic career can relate and have great insights watching it.

When it comes to visual art or design, can you highlight a piece or artist that captured your attention and became a favorite source of inspiration this year?

Well I’ve been studying 3D animation and VFX myself, so was a year full of new discoveries, but I’ll stick to Cyberpunk 2077 game as overall inspiration, because for me, is one of, if not the most, complete art pieces ever made in history where you have every aspect of it being top notch and the story is just much better than most movies ever made, and the recent DLC with Idris Elba and already having Keanu Reeves is just so sick.

Did you explore any new hobbies or activities outside of music in the past year, and did any of them provide unexpected creative insights or relaxation?

Not really, I’ve been taken away of my hobbie which is boxing, due a ACL and meniscus rupture while sparring, but like I said I’m studying 3D and VFX, so that definitely brought a new perspective, as now I can create both my sound and visual worlds, and when comes to making music, everything just got so much better because now I can also see whatever is in my mind and can make sounds based on the scenarios I’m building or characters I’m making.

Can you name a location or destination you visited during the year that became a personal favorite, and did the experience influence your music or overall perspective?

British Columbia – Canada, was my second time there and I just enjoyed even more than the first, it might be my favorite spot on Earth so far, can’t say it influenced my music, but in the end, everything helps me to create, so for sure seeing diferent landscapes and having new interactions, it all helps.

In terms of technology or gadgets, were there any new devices or innovations that became your favorites and had an impact on your music production or performance?

No new gagdets this year but I’m plugin addicted, and I’m always trying new things for everything, but now, I’m on a path to actually try come up with better things using the same things  already have.

Reflecting on the past year, what message or piece of wisdom would you like to share with your audience and fellow artists as you look forward to the future?

Stay true to yourself and dont let anyone corrupt your ideals, especially labels and the trends, nowadays you can make people see your music without needing to ask anyone for permission, the crowd is what’s important and not label middlemans bullshit.

We thank Raw Idology for his time talking with us and sharing his thoughts on the past year, as we look forward to 2024, Raw Ideology’s message of staying true to oneself and embracing individuality resonates deeply. Keep an eye on this artist’s journey as he continues to shape his distinctive sound and artistic vision in the coming months.

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