Q&A with the musical maestro, Kallaghan

A genre-bending artist, one multi-disciplined in his creative approach, Kallaghan continues to cement his unique place within electronic music; with origins in producing for artists across genres, he now lands on the electronic music scene with a determined force to make his mark as an original and distinct creator. releasing music under his own label, Grail Records, genre enthusiasts have been quick to appreciate Kallaghan’s innovative sound, captivated by his fresh and enthusiastic energy as he drops music hard-hitting in vibes and mesmerising in sonic makeup. 

So, today, we’re looking forward to sitting down with Kallaghan to learn more about his ever-passionate creativity, delving into his musical inspirations and influences.   

Hi Kallaghan, how are you?

I am great, thanks. Just got out of spinning at F1 Las Vegas and did a couple of days at Art Basel Miami. I am currently on tour with Tchami about to hit Austin, Aspen and Denver this week.

Firstly, tell us about your initial inspirations; what first inspired you to start a career in Electronic Music? 

Back when I was still in France producing rock music, I had this vision of mixing electronic elements into rock, but the French market didn’t quite align with that idea. In 2019, I was in the studio producing a song for my friend Lexus. She brought along her boyfriend, who just chilled on the couch quietly—didn’t know who he was at the time. After we wrapped up our session, he asked if I was also into making electronic music. I played him a few tracks, and he leaped off the couch, saying, “What the heck, dude? Why aren’t you out there DJing and pushing your own music instead of making it for others?” Turned out to be Pasquale Rotella, haha. He introduced me to the scene, and once the pandemic eased up, I kicked off live shows in early 2022 thanks to my team in Miami – Yair Hilulu and Christian Alvarez. 

Can you share who your biggest inspirations have been over the years?

Rick Rubin and Daft Punk. Their minimalist approach created incredible music movements – they embraced experimenting and authenticity. 

How would you say your influences and inspirations have developed as you’ve grown as an Artist?

My journey into the music scene kicked off with being in rock bands, where I wore many hats – singing, playing guitar, and handling bass. But one constant role was that of the producer, shaping the sonic identity of the bands. My rock compositions during this period were notably flavoured by the sounds of electronic music.

As I made my way to California, I gradually immersed myself in hip-hop and electronic genres, using my rock roots as a foundation for crafting electronic pieces. This evolution led me to projects that seamlessly fused rock and electronic elements, like DK-Zero and, notably, Falling In Reverse, where those “euro synths lead” played a significant role. Ronnie from Falling In Reverse even took a keen interest in my synths, often incorporating them into the rock build-ups of their songs.

In a way, my musical influences have come full circle. Starting in rock, drawing from electronic vibes, and now, as an artist on the electronic music scene, I still find inspiration in the rock roots that initially sparked my passion.

Are there any genres outside of electronic music that inspire you?

I’ve always been a sucker for all kinds of Rock and Metal music, from Yes and Jimi Hendrix to Korn and Meshuggah. I’m also a huge fan of Pharrell’s and Timbaland’s work and how they transfigured Hip Hop in the 2000s. 

How do you hope to inspire future music producers? 

By not being afraid to change and explore new horizons, I transitioned from being in a metal band to being in a rock band. I created music content for Google and video games, became a rock producer, and landed my biggest gigs by producing hip-hop. This led to further success as a songwriter and rock producer. Subsequently, I ventured into electronic music and now DJing as well. Learning to adapt and seize all opportunities to enjoy their journey.

What keeps you inspired and motivated when it comes to experimenting with your sound and finding new ways to express your creativity?

YouTube creators are awesome. I love watching tutorials and BTS of other artists. Just keeps me up at night! 

When finding inspiration in the work of other artists, how do you make sure your sound remains unique?

Pablo Picasso once said “Good artists copy; great artists steal.” I have such a big past as a rock producer and artist, even if I try to steal a track from my favourite electronic artists it will end up sounding very different. 

What are your biggest inspirations now? 

I am fortunate to have extremely successful friends who inspire me every day. Ronnie Radke, for whom I am producing vocals for his new album, is a great inspiration. Not just artistically for Kallaghan but for his drive and his will to constantly achieve perfection and greatness. He focuses on never disappointing his fans and ensuring that each performance and new video is better than the previous one. It is what every artist should be doing. 

To be honest, even when he breaks my balls asking to reprint a track at 1 am and “put the chorus harmonies down 0.5db” it’s just a reminder of what it takes to be a great artist lol. My friends Christian and Sergio also inspire me a lot. They run massive companies and they teach me everyday how to handle hardship and improve my leadership. 

Do you ever find inspiration outside of music? If so, where?

One of my main priorities is to keep up with the ever-evolving music scene. One way I achieve this is by regularly seeking recommendations from friends, discovering new talent and new genres. I’m music enthusiast in every sense. Not only for songwriting but most of all as a listener. Being a fan serves as a grounding force, bringing me back to the excitement and inspiration that initially led me to music.

With such a passionate approach towards music creation, Kallaghan continues to find new and exciting ways to express his creativity, diving into different influences and inspirations to produce music that stands out within electronic music. So, as we wrap up our interview with him, we thank him for his time and eagerly look forward to hearing more from Kallaghan soon.

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