Johny Dar shares music video of his song ‘Scars’, remixed by legendary music producer Guadi

Not too long ago, Johny Dar shared the Gaudi remix of his track ‘Scars’ and now he has shared the reimagined music video for the track. Johny Dar is a true renaissance man as he is involved in many aspects of multiple industries. He is an innovative artist, sought-after fashion designer and pioneering musician who aims to claim his stake in each of these creative industries. 

It’s clear why legendary producer Gaudi decided to reimagine Johny Dar’s melancholic track ‘Scars’ in a new light. Gaudi has more than 16 full-length albums under his belt, an excpetional 250 production credits and a staggering 90 remixes as part of his discography. Having worked with the likes of Bob Marley, Scissor Sisters, Simple Minds and The Orb, his cross-genre production style of electronica, dub and reggae has seen him climb to the top of the ranks amongst peers. 

Gaudi’s simpler reimagining of Johny Dar’s ‘Scars’ transports the song to new horizons as it sets the tone from the get-go with ambient soundscapes creating the mysterious atmosphere the listener is about to be surrounded with. As the song progresses, the layered production fills the void with the tender, yet vulnerable vocals of Johny Dar while the soft and subtle use of synth glides with ease over the textured ambience. ‘Scars’ is transformed into an easy-listening 6-minute journey which will find its footing both on stage and in the comforts of your own living room on a Sunday morning. 

Watch Johny Dar – Scars (Gaudi Remix) below –


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