Swiss musician AUST releases two track EP

AUST has just released his two-track EP, The Hive via Enhanced Music’s new Chill imprint, Enhanced Chill. While the title track well deserves its place of honour, we found ourselves quite enjoying the second song, ‘Croix D’Or’.

With a cheerful set of piano keys being played on repeat meeting a rhythmic bassline, the musician takes organic and synthetic sounds and sets a true challenge to recognise the intricate braid of both.

AUST’s single, ‘Time feat. Brittney Bouchard ’ went on to reach #56 on the iTunes US Electronic Top 100. Comparing the two tracks is like comparing night with day, which coincidentally, is how each should be played. ‘Croix D’Or’ presents itself as a perfect Sunday afternoon song, inviting the listener to lie in the sun, soaking in the uplifting tune. ‘Time’ however, brings to mind a packed dancefloor as bodies move in unison and lights flash overhead.

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