Ben Bohmer, Stephan Bodzin, Joris Delacroix, Jan Blomqvist
Ben Bohmer, Stephan Bodzin, Joris Delacroix, Jan Blomqvist

Music producer Joris Delacroix shares dark electronic song ‘Unexpected’

     Image credit: Julot Bandit

Renowned electronic musician Joris Delacroix continues to step out of his usual deep house comfort zone, by incorporating more techno elements into his sound. Along with this evolution, he also shares the track ‘Unexpected’ via his imprint SmallFishBigSea. The French music producer has seen much acclaim for his elegant electronic compositions, even performing on the influential YouTube channel Cercle Rooftop Performance series.

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Previously featured on DV8with his delightful track ‘Homie’, they mentioned: “Listening to ‘Homie’ can be described as the moment when a wave in the ocean is slowly rising and joining other waves to form a bigger and powerful one. Synth notes percolate throughout the track until they fuse and are illuminated with a vibrant techno drop. The future looks bright for ever-evolving electronic musician Delacroix.”

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Both are so different in terms of the mood they evoke individually, ‘Unexpected’ takes a less playful and innocent route compared to its predecessor. Instead, our minds lean more towards the nightlife and club scene when listening to this refined track with an animalistic edge.  Whether you are a fan of techno or electronica, there are aspects both sides can enjoy in this sophisticated track that takes your imagination to deep and darker places.

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