Nau Leone, Ben Böhmer, Trentemöller, Avoure
Nau Leone, Ben Böhmer, Trentemöller, Avoure

Review of Nau Leone’s thunderous new album

Image credit: Miriam Cuesta (@miriamcuestaphoto)

Spanish Label founder/producer Nau Leone has released his full-length album Cambio. On the project, one can discover the heart-palpitating lead record ‘Nº3 Aceptar’. Out now via Be Your Own Studio Label.

Stream / Download: Nau Leone – ‘Cambio’

A mass of metamorphic synths, ‘Nº3 Aceptar’ blisters with the heat of the friction between the dense range of frequencies. The record might best be described as stormy, with its hale of hi-hats and high-impact kicks that beats down like heavy rain on the black tar of a desolate sidewalk.

The title track is just as stark, if not more so. ‘Nº1 Cambio begins soft, with gentle piano motifs that lull us into a state of calm, before crashing down, shattering any semblance of ease that we thought we might have felt. It is a raw and engaging experience (read our previous feature on the track here).

The album sees Nau explore a variety of topics. “In my album, I talk about time, about change,” he shared. “Change only comes when one is ready for it, even if you don’t know it yet. I want to create music that accompanies these changes. Music that helps believe, music that helps cry. Music that helps to continue; And even more important, to never stop dreaming.”

Cambio Tracklist

1. Nº1 Cambio

2. Nº2 Adaptación

3. Nº3 Aceptar

4. Nº4 Transición

5. Nº5 Crecer

6. Nº6 Duda

7. Nº7 Fuerza

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