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Angara Shares Astounding New EP ‘Altitude’ on 9 November

The brazen, French duo, Angara, has released a powerful new 3-track EP, Altitude, released 9th November, via Cercle Records. Having met back in the late 2000s, Loris and Quentin shared burgeoning beats as teenagers, and now the tandem tastemakers are on the world’s stage. Driven by a desire to elevate their craft, the two underwent a metamorphosis in 2021. Shifting from blissed-out and mellow House beats to a more dance-centrically ‘Techno’ vision of rhythm, the pair unleashed Rwanda EP via Monstercat Silk. Having recently set up shop at the prestigious Cercle Records, Angara is just getting started with this new EP.

Brimming with lush Deep House rhythms, and interspersed with Melodic Techno, Altitude is sure to excite dancefloors and bodies everywhere. Angara has consistently put out faithful portrayals of seemingly opposed emotions; weaving them together with engaging and soothing atmospheres. Kicking off with a pulsing, euphoric mix of mesmerizing synths, the opening track ‘Altitude’ draws the listener into a journey of emotional discovery. Followed by the serene, ‘In My Head’, and the even dreamier; ‘Air’, each track represents a distinct stage along the path to embracing inner freedom. 

Accompanying the Altitude EP are beautifully crafted visualizers dreamed up by Cercle Records, featured on different streaming platforms. Angara’s captivating sounds have already caught the attention of melodic greats like Lane 8 and Nora En Pure. The old friends have quickly garnered millions of streams across streaming platforms.

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