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Q&A: Cyazon’s experience at ADE

In this exclusive interview, we caught up with Cyazon following his experience at the Amsterdam Dance Event. ADE is known for its bustling atmosphere, networking opportunities, and electrifying shows; making it a must-visit event for Electronic music professionals and enthusiasts. In this interview, Cyazon shares his unique perspective on attending ADE, the vibrant city of Amsterdam, and his future music projects. 

Let’s dive into his journey at one of the Electronic music industry’s premier gatherings: 

Hi Cyazon, how’s it going? 

Hi, doing good thank you! 

You attended ADE this year, can you tell us about your experience? 

It was my first time going to ADE. A lot of it was going to conference talks throughout the 4 days. The majority of networking was done on Wednesday since that seemed to be the only day where I could find networking events. I only went to one show/event during my time there. 

What was the vibe of the city like during the festival? 

Amsterdam’s vibe seemed urban/city-like, but different. They have a lot of canal rivers and people who ride bikes, so that was new for me to see.  

What did you enjoy most during ADE this year? 

I really enjoyed the networking event that took place at the beginning of ADE. I met a lot of people and met a vocalist there who I am currently working with on a song. 

Did you attend any live shows during the festival? If so, tell us, which Artists did you see, did you meet anyone?  

I went to the Monstercat showcase event. I did not stay too long since I was not feeling so good. I did not really meet anyone since I did not have a backstage access pass. I did want to see Muzz and Blanke’s performances. 

Did you go to ADE with a specific goal in mind? Did you achieve it? 

I went to ADE with the goal of meeting booking agents. I did not achieve it, however, my team and I are getting closer every month with our discussions with booking agents so I can start to play live. 

What do you think it is about ADE that makes it such an exciting few days for Electronic Music enthusiasts? 

The conference talks/panels are a great way to learn music business and industry knowledge. The networking events are also great to meet like-minded artists and music industry professionals who can help progress your career. 

Do you find that attending ADE inspires you to create and collaborate? 

This time I just wanted to enjoy my experience in Amsterdam and attending ADE. As I mentioned, I’m working on a song with a vocalist I met at the networking event. 

Can you describe what ADE is like to someone who has never been? 

ADE for me was a lot of figuring out which conference panels/talks I wanted to attend, as well as figuring out the networking aspect of it. It was a learning experience for me being my first time attending. I had some success with networking there and learned some knowledge from attending the conference panels.  

Now that ADE is over, do you have anything coming up in terms of projects or releases that you can share with us?   

I have an upcoming single I’m self-releasing near the end of November. I also have an upcoming EP being released with a label sometime soon. 

Wrapping up our conversation with Cyazon about ADE, and his upcoming projects, it’s clear that the Electronic music producer continues on his exciting journey. We look forward to hearing more from Cyazon as he continues to navigate the dynamic world of Electronic music. Stay tuned for his upcoming single and EP. 

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