Q&A with dynamic DJ & producer Avi Sic

DJ and music Producer Avi Sic recently released ‘Loving You,’ a captivating Bass House track with a unique blend of soulful vocals and powerful beats. In this interview, Avi Sic shares insights into the creative process behind the track, her approach to production, what makes ‘Loving You’ stand out, and what are her plans for the future, here’s what she said.

Hi Avi Sic, congratulations on the release of ‘Loving You’

Thank you, I’m excited that it’s out!

To begin, can you tell us about the key influences and inspirations behind the track?

It’s a Bass House track with soulful vocals. I wanted to keep it in the genre, but also feature new elements and sounds that are less customary. The combination of the heartfelt vocals and the break beat drops make this track really special. 

How did you find producing this track? Did you face any challenges during the production process at all?

There are always challenges, but I worked them in my favor here. The main thing was getting the vocal chops right and juxtaposing those with the hook. I actually changed the chops many times to fit just right. Choosing the right synth sounds also took time. Writing the melodies on this one came easy once I got the drums right.

When you set out to start producing ‘Loving You’, which element did you start with and how did you then build on this to create the rest of the track?

I began with the drums on this one, got a nice groove going in tandem with the bassline. Everything else followed that. 

The track features a particularly catchy vocal, can you tell us about this? At what point during the process did you decide to add in a vocal and how did you go about integrating it into the mix?

Vocals were last here. Took a while to find the right sounds, but once I was set on using particular variations, I went through the composition many times to get rid of any sounds that took away from the new elements. It was tricky to maintain the core grit of the track with the new expressive hook. The vocals evoke so much soul, it was very important to get them to sit right in the mix and be used at only the necessary times.

What about this new release would you say is different to your other releases?

The heart on this one is felt deeper than some of my other tracks. It bangs in a big room but it’s also an easy listen in smaller spaces. I’ve played it at festivals and small rooms and it’s amazing how it works the same, regardless of venue and audience.

The hard-hitting elements of the track create a particularly groovy and invigorating soundscape, can you walk us through any techniques you use when layering different elements to create a driving mix?

Sidechaining everything just right to allow the bass to bounce and shine was important. Lot’s of gating, cut off effects, filters and coloring on the synths. Also many small nuances in the drum patterns. The composition on this one was important and changed many times. The arc of a story was important here.

What would you say are the key elements of ‘Loving You’ and what about the track are you most proud of?

As a whole this is one of my favorite tracks to date. The combination of creating both something emotional and also a track that works in a party setting was key here. I love the Tech House style drums, the melodies, and the Breakbeat drums. This song truly encompasses my ‘Hybrid House’ sound. 

How do you hope listeners react to ‘Loving You’?

Because it can be played in a multitude of sets, regardless of genre, I hope that it stands the time test. It really could have been made 10 years ago or ten years from now – it’s more abstract and doesn’t strive to fit into a mold. I think that is its best strength.

Do you have any more releases coming up? What can fans expect to hear next from Avi Sic?

Yes! I have a handful of releases planned until the Spring of next year with some amazing labels. Really looking forward to a few releases with Rock Bottom Records and also Curbi’s label – Seeing Is Believing. My next release is called ‘Acid On My Tongue’ and will be out with Tiger Records. It features my friend KXNE on vocals. He’s an insane rapper. It’s very unique. And of course, I’m playing lot’s of live shows in between all these releases. I have a support show coming up with Whipped Cream on New Year’s weekend which will be very epic. 

As we wrap up this interview with Avi Sic, we thank her for her time unveiling the behind-the-scenes process of her latest release; surely ‘Loving You’ is a track that showcases her versatility as a producer. Stay tuned for her upcoming releases and live shows, which promise to bring more unique sounds to the electronic music scene.  

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