Interview with the manager of the mysterious Ben Shawaer

A fascinating figure in Electronic Music, Ben Shawaer remains an enigma; cloaked in a veil of mystery, he continues to place his powerful music at the forefront of his creativity, leaving fans captivated as they become immersed in his dynamic and unique sonic world.

So now, we invite you to join us as we share this exclusive interview with Ben Shawaer’s manager, diving into a behind-the-scenes look into his studio and production set-up.

Hello! Can we ask, how is Ben?

Hello! Well, even if it seems like he’s never ill, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is right now, with this temperature and the constant rain, especially since he always dresses the same way. He should buy a coat one day. But hey, even when things aren’t going well he still makes music!

Can you tell us what his studio set-up looks like?

It’s a very simple set-up. A desk, a computer, a sound card, monitoring speakers, a Rode microphone and a Midi keyboard. I think that if he could have done without the external sound card, he would have done so, but it is still more practical to have it in front of you and essential for being able to record voices and instruments. Otherwise he also has acoustic foam and rock wool panels that he seems to have made himself which is also very important to have a room that sounds good. 

Do you know, what was the first piece of equipment he bought?

In addition to a computer, if I remember correctly… it is the Rode microphone. It is an old one.

What about his studio set up do you think inspires him to create?

Simplicity seems to be important, even subconsciously. The fact of having a well-equipped room in which you feel good also seems important. For example, his studio is in place instead of his living room. So, he’s in there all the time. I saw people who seemed shocked by this, but it seems completely normal for Ben Shawaer.

What was the most recent piece of equipment that he added to his studio?

The last thing he has gotten is the sound card and it’s been a while. He hasn’t

bought anything since aside from virtual plugins.

Does he have a favourite DAW?

On his computer desktop we saw the Ableton, Cubase and Reaper icons but I’ve

only seen him working on FL Studio.

What are some of his most used plugins?

Here is a list of what I have seen him using most often, when producing his tracks. I saw that he had a much larger list, but that he only used very few of these plugins or only in specific situations:

Fruity reverb 2

Fruity parametric EQ 2

Fruity filter

Xfer OTT


FabFilter Saturn 1&2

FabFilter pro Q3

FabFilter pro C2

FabFilter pro L2

KickStart 2

ShaperBox 3

Do you think he has any advice for budding Producers looking to set up their first studio? What do you think he would say would be essential to remember?

You have to design a place where you feel good and ensure that the acoustics are not a disaster. At least, make sure that there is no longer any perceptible reverb in the room. You might say that mixing with headphones solves the problem, but take care of your ears. As I say this, I realize that he never works with headphones…

Do you know of a particular memorable moment that Ben experienced whilst in the studio?

One moment in particular, no, but I have in mind a moment during a listening session, where we heard a sound in the low frequencies that shouldn’;t have been there. This noise was actually a car outside. This must happen to him often, I imagine, hence the importance of having a quiet and, if possible, soundproof place.

Does he have any signature techniques that he uses when producing a new track?

It’s a good question. I have the impression that yes, but it concerns more the musical composition than the technical part. As you can see in this interview, and with its list of most-used plugins, he seems to have a very modest technical setup, perhaps that makes it something characteristic. But from what I could see, he doesn’t use any special hardware or plugins. The production techniques he uses are also quite common, EQ, compression, parallel compression, saturation, ducking reverb etc.

As we close our conversation with Ben Shawaer’s manager, we thank him for his time and for shedding some light on the production processes and equipment that enable Ben Shawaer to deliver striking productions time and time again. Seemingly only just at the start of his musical journey, we cannot wait to see what the future holds for this talented producer.

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