Q&A with producer and DJ Terry Golden

Terry Golden continues to distinguish himself within the realm of Electronic Music; distinct in its sonic identity and original in his approach to live performance, he keeps climbing high on the list of innovators within the genre. Having had a busy year releasing powerful productions and delivering unforgettable live shows across the globe, notably with his August tour around India, Terry Golden maintains his status as a must-watch talent on the scene. 

Now, following his time at ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) 2023, Terry Golden joins us to share an insight into his time at the event, giving us a glimpse into his experience in Amsterdam this past October.

Hello Terry Golden, how are you?

I’m fine, but the time right now is the busiest I’ve ever been, so it’s hard to find enough hours, but fortunately they’re all good projects, so no complaints.

You attended ADE this year, how was it? Can you tell us what the experience was like? 

ADE 2023 was for me the best of those I have attended. There were some fantastic networking events, and this time I avoided the big events and explored more of the smaller ones. It was definitely what made me get many more contacts and connections this year than ever before.

Do you have a particular highlight of your time in Amsterdam that you can share with us now?

There were certainly many small moments that I really appreciated. One stands out for me, however, when at a meeting I met an absolute legend who took the time to talk to me for 45 minutes, and we discussed a possible future collaboration. Unfortunately, I can’t reveal more details, but it was a moment I’m still very proud of.

Did you have any specific goals in mind that you wanted to achieve this year at ADE? 

I had a clear goal to initiate some future relationships for bookings and collabs, which I think I succeeded in, but the next few months will show that.

Did you attend any live shows? If so, can you share your favourites? 

I myself had the pleasure of playing 4 times during ADE, and with a busy meeting calendar, I actually didn’t get to see many shows myself. The ones I saw were all really good, and they were all a bit different – so all in all it was a cool experience.

You performed at ADE this year; can you tell us what that was like? How did you find the crowds?

When you, as an artist, participate in ADE, you must have a clear goal to play some different events. The audience at ADE can be hard to get, as there are so many events, but those who are there come for the music, and are super loyal and really ready for a party. So, for me, a super experience, playing both early sets and closed an event on Saturday from 07.00 to 08.00.

What do you think it is about ADE that makes it such an unmissable event?

It is very much centred around the centre of Amsterdam, and it is a super mix between music events, conferences, exhibitions, and not least that so many people in the music industry participate – so it’s the place to be if you want to create more relationships.

Have you come away from ADE this year feeling inspired to create? 

100%, you come home with the desire to do something new and different. The trick is to follow it to the door, and actually do it.

For those unable to attend, can you explain what the vibe of the city was like?

Like something you haven’t experienced before, everywhere within walking distance there are events, parties, and crazy people who all share a common passion for music. It is something you should participate in if you are serious about the Electronic Music industry.

What do you have planned next? 

I already have a lot of new music ready for release on some iconic record companies within [the genre of] melodic techno and also, of course, we have started to fill the calendar for 2024 with live shows.

As he keeps showcasing a determined passion for electronic music, Terry Golden continues to solidify his position within the genre, striking back time and time again with innovative productions and smash live sets. From our conversation, it is clear that Terry Golden has come away from ADE with a refreshed approach towards his creativity and we cannot wait to hear the outcome: so, make sure to follow Terry Golden across social media to remain up-to-date on his upcoming releases and live shows as this is no doubt a producer and DJ not to be missed.

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