Q&A with eclectic producer and DJ, Raw Ideology

Today, Raw Ideology is joining us to discuss his recent experience at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE); having been gaining popularity and demanding attention with his unique production style and energetic DJing performances, we’re excited to sit down with the talented producer and DJ to hear more about his time in Amsterdam this year and what fans can expect from him next.

Hi Raw Ideology, how are you?

Hey! Awesome thanks! Excited for our talk.

You’ve just arrived back from ADE; Can you tell us what your experience in Amsterdam was like this year?

Well certainly, I can say every year gets better, this was my 7th time I guess and so it’s interesting to see my progression as a human and artist – the first year I was literally a kid! The spectacle of the shows never ceases to amaze me, and I really like the direction electronic music is going right now. Some might say the commercial side of things has taken over, as indeed this culture is way more popular now, but I always try to see the positive side; everything we, as a genre, have always preached is, “in this place, everybody is accepted”, so I donʼt see the reason for hating the fact that we continue to attract more and more music enthusiasts.

How would you describe the vibe of the city?

Oh, I’m certainly biased when talking about Amsterdam, I’ve been going there since I was 16 and I absolutely love everything about it: the people are some of the nicest ones you can find in the world and the vibes are surreal, so many amazing stories that almost feel like a movie, and, to be honest, I find the venues in Amsterdam to be top notch and better than the ones in Berlin by a mile – I might get some hate for saying this but, I donʼt care! I genuinely think the culture of Berlin is divisive and how can you actually tell someone is more Techno than others? In my opinion, just because you dress in BDSM and leather, that is not to say that you understand music better than someone who doesn’t.

Which Artists did you see performing live? Can you tell us, which performances were your favorite?

Oh, that’s a hard one to answer! I’ve been to several events, and all had their own particular magic but, for my personal taste, Vault Sessions at Radion during the last night was the coolest, Kwartz and Setaoc Mass b2b Phil Berg put on a masterclass and I enjoyed it like I was a teenager again, super sick! I would love to play for them one day.

What did you like most about your trip?

The fact I can hang out with international friends that I, most likely, only get to see once a year; so it’s always a special date, for me, besides the music and career side of things.

Did you have any specific goals from your time at ADE? 

Well, I had some appointments with my PR team and an agency so that was my mission this year, but I would say most of the time I just wanted to let the vibes take me and freestyle my way into the city, talk to everyone, everywhere, make connections and attend as many ADE panels and events possible.

Can you share a highlight from your time at ADE?

Well, doing a filmed interview with the PR team at the amazing Hyatt hotel lobby was super cool and a lot of fun, I love camera work and I think we need more of that in electronic music; there are lots of cases you listen to an artist for ages but never really hear their voices or even see their faces, no idea if they are charismatic or not, so that was a cool thing to be in front of a camera. Events-wise, I guess Awakenings day party, watching those impressive 3D and light work at Ziggo Dome.

If you were to describe ADE to someone who has never been, what three words would you use to sum up the experience?

Marathon, networking, mind-blowing. Everything you experience there is absolutely incredible and to see a whole city so into one event feels like a parallel reality.

Do you think attending ADE inspires you? If so, how?

No doubt, it’s the one time of year that you can actually see the new trends and understand the musical concepts as a whole due to the fact that ADE is made by fans of every genre out there, the scenery work at every venue is top notch and the unison vibration that people bring is spectacular. ADE always gives a boost, I think, to every artist out there to keep going and imagine ourselves on those big stages.

Following ADE, what can fans expect from Raw Ideology next?

Lots of new releases, new guest mixes, and always sticking my artist identity to my ideology.

As we close out this interview, we thank Raw Ideology for his time and, having teased us with the promise of hearing new music from him soon, eagerly anticipate the next chapter in his already exciting musical journey.

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