MARIA Die RUHE, Röyksopp, Lykke Li, MØ, Stephan Bodzin, and Eli & Fur
MARIA Die RUHE, Röyksopp, Lykke Li, MØ, Stephan Bodzin, and Eli & Fur

MARIA Die RUHE unveils ‘Dance or We Are Lost (Semodi Remix)’

Image credit: Kristina Kast

Under Reduced To The Root Records,  sensational singer and producer MARIA Die RUHE offered Dance or We Are Lost (Semodi Remix)’ on the 11th of November. The remix was done by producer Semodi, who blends progressive house and techno with classical music and pop. The Leipzig, Germany-based Maria loves to travel and has been around the globe.

Stream / Download: ‘DANCE OR WE ARE LOST (Semodi Remix)’

‘Dance or We Are Lost (Semodi Remix)’ has a catchy melody that is incredibly infectious and this makes listeners fall in love with it, remaining in their minds days after listening to it. The melody is like listening to a close friend dishing out all the juicy and good things that have been happening in their life, giving bravado that lingers the entire day. I caught myself more than once raising my hands as the tune floated in my mind.  

Semodi shares his thought process behind the making of the original: “The original mix of DOWAL already has super nice vocals and very relatable lyrics, so I felt I had to add a kick-ass bass line to really make you want to dance. Also, I wanted to give the vocals a musical context that really embraces the message of the track in the final drop. So I created some epic synth pads that made me feel this yearning for salvation in dancing”.

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