Dante Klein, Dombresky, Vintage Culture, and John Summit
Dante Klein, Dombresky, Vintage Culture, and John Summit

Phenomenal producer Dante Klein unleashes new single ‘Rewind’

Image credit: Lisa Van Dam (@bylisavdam)

Under Garden Party Records, producer Dante Klein offers his latest hip-shaking single Rewind’. The track follows the release of the single ‘Flute Minosa’, also released via Garden Party Records in 2022. Dante’s musical sound is comparable to Vintage Culture and John Summit among others. 

Stream / Download: Dante Klein – ‘Rewind’

Rewind’ will put everyone in a good mood and also give the itch to join the dance floor for the whole night or the entire day because the song is dance-worthy all day long. What has to be noted about this song is that it opens up with a loud vocal utterance that instantly awakens the listener, and it feels like a reset. It brings you back to the present hour and then, as the song progress, it offers joviality, celebration, a party sound, and blissful euphoria. The fervent vocals are present until the end of the song and are only momentarily shielded by the beat of the song at specific intervals. Ultimately the song becomes a compelling anthem for those wanting to return to a place where the joy of living overflows.    

Producer Dante Klein shares with us his thought process during the making ofRewind’: “Tested and approved all around clubs in Amsterdam! Once finished in the studio, I knew this was going to be a weapon on the dancefloor. I’m stoked for this one and happy to finally share it with the world”.

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